Surprise Party
Surprise Party
Episode Information
Aired 1st October 2014
Channel CBBC
Writer Gary Parker
Director Fraser MacDonald
Next Episode Double Date

Surprise Party is the first episode of Millie Inbetween in series 1. It aired on 1st October 2014.


Lauren has a go at Millie for using her straightners to cook bacon. Sharon wants to know what Lauren wants for her birthday and comes up with a code to use. Millie asks Lauren what she wants for her birthday and Lauren wants Sharon back with their dad, Tony. Millie phones Tony, who says he's not forgotten Lauren's birthday and has arranged an outing, but Millie knows he has. Tony decides to arrange paintballing and to sell his sound system to pay for it. Lauren is embarrased with birthday balloons on the door and Millie gets Sharon to iron a dress, telling Lauren that the fuse box has blown before when Sharon did the ironing and Tony can come to fix it. Lauren and Millie turn on the electrical appliances and the fuse blows and Millie phones Tony to come and fix it. Sharon fixes the fuse box and Tony comes round. Tony looks at the fuse box and he tells Lauren about paintballing, but Lauren doesn't want to do it and the fuse box blows again. Tony fixes it and Tony stays for some cake and he and Sharon talk. Lauren gives Millie a present to give back to her and Millie gives Lauren the present, an electronic photo frame full of pictures and Millie realises Lauren's plan is for them to remember the good times, but knows it won't last. Lauren and Millie hide behind the chair as Sharon and Tony start arguing when he asks her to take Lauren and Millie on Thursday night. Lauren and Millie come out and Lauren opens Sharon's present, Tony's old sound system. Millie answers the door to Mike, Sharon's personal trainer, with flowers for Sharon and a present for Lauren. Tony leaves and Sharon tells Lauren and Millie that she and Mike are dating. Millie gives Lauren her present, a t-shirt and Lauren phones Tony, deciding to keep her sound system at his and wanting to go paintballing. Sharon speaks to Millie about Mike.



  • Millie Innes as Millie
  • Tallulah Greive as Lauren
  • Hannah-Jane Fox as Mum
  • James Bachman as Dad
  • Jeremy Edwards as Mike