Surprise, Surprise
Surprise, Surprise
Episode Information
Aired 26th November 2015
Channel CBBC
Writer Gary Parker
Director Angie de Chastelai Smith
Previous Episode Gloria
Next Episode Take a Hike

Surprise, Surprise is the second episode of Millie Inbetween in series 2. It aired on 26th November 2015.


Millie finds out from Lauren that Sharon is throwing her a surprise party for her 13th birthday. Lauren lets slip that Tony is also organising a surprise party. Millie tries to get either Sharon or Tony to cancel a party. Sharon phones Tony and they both think they are holding the party and Sharon reluctantly agrees to have her party at a different time. Millie wonders what sort of teenager she'll be and Tony runs through party ideas with Amber, Fran and Jake. Sharon talks about her ideas with Mike Lauren and Craig. Millie tries on Lauren's make up and Millie asks Lauren for teenager lessons, but Lauren tells Millie she can't imagine her as a teenager. Tony burns a cake and when Mike finds out Millie is getting rid of her old toys, he tells her how Craig changed, but growing up isn't easy. Craig decides to organise a paty of his own when Lauren is inviting some of her friends to Millie's party, but she tells him not to invite his. Lauren tells Millie she is having 2 parties at different times. When Lauren finds out about Craig's party, she suggests Millie's party is held at Tony's. Amber's cake is too salty and Fran decides to make it. When Lauren tries to get Sharon and Tony to agree to have the parties together, Millie reveals that she knows about the parties and wants 1 party at Sharon's. Lauren films a video pretending to be sick to cancel Craig's party. On Millie's birthday, she goes through her clothes to find something to wear and Fran makes a cake like the Glasgow Tower, but it falls to the ground when she spins it around while Millie phones Fran to wonder what sort of teen she should be. Millie returns home from shopping and her family surprise her and Sharon gives Millie make up for a present. Friends of Lauren and Craig's turn up despite Lauren pretending to be ill. Fran finds out Amber bought a cake while Tony does balloon animals and pass the parcel for Millie in the living room with Lauren and Craig;s friends. Millie snaps when Tony and Sharon end up arguing  and Millie apologises, but they apologise as Sharon didn't want her to have an old fashioned party and Tony doesn't want her growing up fast. Millie does a party her own way and Lauren gives Millie a selfie stick.



  • Millie Innes as Millie
  • Tallulah Greive as Lauren
  • Hannah-Jane Fox as Mum
  • Richard Lumsden as Dad
  • Jeremy Edwards as Mike
  • Jaye Jacobs as Amber
  • Theo Stevenson as Craig
  • Mya-Lecia Naylor as Fran
  • Marley Lockhart as Jake