Moving Day
Moving Day
Episode Information
Aired 5th November 2014
Channel CBBC
Writer Gary Parker
Director Fraser MacDonald
Previous Episode Trick or Treat
Next Episode Staycation

Moving Day is the sixth episode of Millie Inbetween in series 1. It aired on 5th November 2014.


Millie is moving into Lauren's room and Lauren refuses to find Millie space for her things. Lauren and Millie end up fighting when Millie takes some of Lauren's clothes out of the wardrobe. Lauren and Millie both complain to Sharon. Mike and Craig come round with their things. Amber asks Tony if he is OK about Mike and Craig moving in and Tony pretends it's fine, but he keeps forgetting what he's doing. Lauren struggles with doing her homework on pregnancy and childbirth and Sharon reminds her that Amber's a midwife. Millie finds out Craig got a treat for moving in and Sharon agrees to give Millie and Lauren a shopping trip. Lauren gets stuck in the bathroom at her dad's and Amber has to go and see a patient. Millie attempts to get Craig in trouble by annoying him and he puts Sharon's music player, which Millie said was hers, into jam and Sharon lets Craig off. Amber brings her patient, Chloe, to the flat whilst she calls for an ambulance. Amber tells Tony and Lauren the baby will be in born in the flat and both Tony and Lauren panic when Amber gets stuck in the bathroom. Sharon and Mike argue when Mike says Craig's put up with too much from Millie. Lauren reassures Chloe and Tony opens the door by running into it. Millie tells Sharon things with Mike will be fine. Amber introduces Chloe's daughter to Tony and Lauren. Lauren and Millie come up with some ground rules for their mum's house. Lauren is later angry with Millie for putting some of her stuff in the loft.



  • Millie Innes as Millie
  • Tallulah Greive as Lauren
  • Hannah-Jane Fox as Mum
  • James Bachman as Dad
  • Jeremy Edwards as Mike
  • Jaye Jacobs as Amber
  • Theo Stevenson as Craig


  • Kirstie Steele as Chloe