Mobile Wars
Mobile Wars
Episode Information
Aired 26th November 2014
Channel CBBC
Writer Joseph Lidster
Director Angie de Chastelai Smith
Previous Episode Boy Band
Next Episode Baby Brain

Mobile Wars is the ninth episode of Millie Inbetween in series 1. It aired on 26th November 2014.


Lauren wants a smartphone like Craig and she asks Sharon and Mike, but Sharon says no. Lauren persuades Millie to ask Sharon and Mike for her, saying that it will help Lauren and Craig bond. Lauren gets the new phone and struggles to  set up, but Craig helps. Tony agrees to look after Fran and Jake for Amber and the family become annoyed with Lauren constantly using her phone, so Millie asks Sharon and Mike to sort it out and Sharon tells Mike that he can sort it out. Mike confiscates Lauren's phone. Fran and Jake get Tony to let them move things around the flat. Craig overhears Mike telling Sharon that he hid Lauren's phone in his top secret hiding place and Fran and Jake find stuff to decorate the flat with. Lauren apologises and Mike agrees to give her phone back, but Mike can't find his gym bag, where he put the phone. Sharon finds the phone under Millie's matress and Millie is accused of stealing the phone and writing horrible messages about her family and Millie refuses to apologise.Millie works out Craig took the phone and framed her, so she looks for clues to prove it, finding chocolate cake and matching footprints.Millie confronts Craig and he admits he did it to get her in trouble as he doesn't want her and Lauren to have his dad. Mike attempts to talk to Lauren about the situation with her phone and their relationship. Amber arrives home to see what Fran and Jake have done to the flat and she thanks Tony for making them feel at home. Millie takes the blame for taking the phone.



  • Millie Innes as Millie
  • Tallulah Greive as Lauren
  • Hannah-Jane Fox as Mum
  • James Bachman as Dad
  • Jeremy Edwards as Mike
  • Jaye Jacobs as Amber
  • Theo Stevenson as Craig
  • Mya-Lecia Naylor as Fran
  • Marley Lockhart as Jake