Hector (Series 5)

Hector (Series 4)

Hector (Series 3)

Character Information
Residence Tony's flat, Glasgow, Scotland
Calle Nevada 27 2° 4A, Spain
Parents Tony (Father)
Amber (Mother)
Siblings Lauren (Half-Sister)
Millie (Half-Sister)
Fran (Half-Sister)
Jake (Half-Brother)
Relatives Grandfather (Grandfather)
Grandmother (Grandmother)
Flora (Grandmother)
Hector (Great-Grandfather)
Production Information
First Episode The Big Day
Number of Episodes 1
Played By Uncredited
Hector is the son of Tony and Amber and the half-brother of Lauren, Millie, Fran and Jake.

Character HistoryEdit

Series 3Edit

The Big DayEdit

Series 4Edit

Back to the FutureEdit

Hector moves to Spain with Tony and Amber as Tony gets a job wiring up hotels.

Friend FrictionEdit

Lauren and Millie speak to Hector on video chat.