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Character Information
Nicknames Fran Pants (By Jake and Lauren)
Fran-ssistant (By Lauren)
Frantastic (by Andy)
Franster (By Craig)
School Hope Street School
Residence Tony's flat, Glasgow, Scotland
Sharon's house, Glasgow, Scotland
Occupation Student
Parents Andy (Father)
Amber (Mother)
Tony (Step-Father)
Siblings Jake (Brother)
Hector (Half-Brother)
Lauren (Step-Sister)
Millie (Step-Sister)
Relatives Flora (Grandmother)
Grandfather (Step-Grandfather)
Grandmother (Step-Grandmother)
Hector (Great-Grandfather)
Friends Millie
Relationships Liam (Crush)
Craig (Crush On Her Side)
Javier (Crush On His Side)
Olly (Crush On Her Side)
Production Information
First Episode Trick or Treat
Number of Episodes 34
Played By Mya-Lecia Naylor
Fran is the daughter of Amber and Andy, the step-daughter of Tony, the sister of Jake, the half-sister of Hector and the step-sister of Lauren and Millie.

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Trick or TreatEdit

Fran and Jake meet Tony's, Amber's new boyfriend, children, Lauren and Millie. They are silent with each other and Amber and Tony suggests they go trick or treating together. Fran and Millie show each other their Halloween costumes. Jake ruins Millie's costume with pop and they try to clean it. Fran and Jake end up ripping the costume. Millie and Lauren find the costume and Fran takes the blame and after Millie tricks Fran into telling her the truth. Fran and Millie make friends and they go trick or treating as Human Ear and Loser Chick.


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