Double Date
Double Date
Episode Information
Aired 8th October 2014
Channel CBBC
Writer Max Allen
Director Fraser MacDonald
Previous Episode Surprise Party
Next Episode The Babysitter

Double Date is the second episode of Millie Inbetween in series 1. It aired on 8th October 2014.


Sharon lies about doing her training to Mike and he invites her to do a 10K charity run with him. Lauren and Millie go to Tony's, expecting him to be sad about Sharon and Mike. Lauren and Millie are surprised that Tony seems fine  but he isn't. They try to persuade him to start dating, but he isn't keen, so Lauren and Millie decide to put him on a dating site. Suzy, Sharon's new personal trainer, comes round and Suzy is tough on Sharon. Lauren and Millie set up Tony's dating profile and Lauren later tells Tony what they did and he has 50 responses. Tony goes on a date with Mary, who is a clown for a job, but she's not right for Tony and Tony goes on another date with Ceara, but she doesn't have or want kids, so Tony decides to do the online dating himself. Sharon is in pain from the exercise and cancels a date with Mike. Sharon hides Suzy under the stairs when Mike comes rouns. Lauren and Millie meet Tony's date, Karen, and are shocked with how much she is like their mum. Mike thinks Sharon is an exercise addict and finds Suzy. Millie tries to show Tony how alike Sharon and Karen are, but he fails to see it. Sharon apologises to Mike, but Mike assures her it's fine. Lauren and Millie finally tell Tony about Karen and Tony soon realises she is like Sharon. Karen ends things with Tony as he reminds her of her ex-husband. Tony hires Suzy as his personal trainer.



  • Millie Innes as Millie
  • Tallulah Greive as Lauren
  • Hannah-Jane Fox as Mum/Karen
  • James Bachman as Dad
  • Jeremy Edwards as Mike


  • Lucy Beaumont as Suzy
  • Keara Murphy as Mary
  • Julie Wilson Nimmo as Sally