Character Information
Children Fran (Daughter)
Jake (Son)
Relationships Amber (Ex-Wife)
Unnamed Girlfriend
Production Information
First Episode The Guitar Hero
Last Episode Breakfast in Bed
Number of Episodes 2
Played By Paul Kennedy

Andy is the father of Fran and Jake and the ex-husband of Amber.

Character HistoryEdit

Series 2Edit

The Guitar HeroEdit

Amber tells Fran and Jake that Andy is visiting and Jake is delighted whilst Fran isn't bothered. Andy comes round and meets Tony. Andy impresses Jake and Tony by telling them about meeting the band Battleaxe. Fran shows Andy her brief street dance solo and he tells Jake he's entered them into an air guitar finals, but Fran is left disappointed when he hasn't arranged anything for him and her. Andy meets Fran and Jake's stepsister, Millie. Andy arrives late after a woman went into labour and he gives Fran a pair of trainers. Andy fails to turn up for Jake, so Tony takes Andy's place in the finals.

Series 3Edit

Breakfast in BedEdit